Sunday, 23 December 2007

One-eyed snake

Normally, us chaps refer to a piece of our trouser equipment as the one-eyed snake, but in this case, I am referring to Gordon Brown.

Firstly, as any fule kno, he is a total knob, aka one-eyed snake.

Secondly, although I normally frown severely on mocking the afflicted, I am happy to make an exception in the case of this despicable apology for a snot-eating human being! Gordon Brown really does have only one working eye, and certainly lacks vision!

Thirdly, who but a treacherous snake would sign away 1000 years of English history in secret! Also, we must not forget that, although his Holiness the Bliar was the figure-head for all the disaster that has befallen the UK in general and England in particular, the Tartan Tax Thief was behind all the micro-management and control freakery that has occurred since 1997.

QED, Gordon Brown is a One-Eyed Snake!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

A good game of Rugby

I have just watched a very good game of Rugby on the TV, in which The Barbarians beat South Africa 22-5. It was also a poignant occasion as it was Jason "Billy Whiz" Robinson's last competitive game. He played well but did not score and was substituted towards the end. Still, it was an exciting game to watch and I enjoyed it very much.

More good news is the next World Cup will have 20 teams, as this year. This will enable some of the minnows to appear on the world stage and gain support for Rugby in their countries. Wish I was still young enough to play!