Monday, 24 March 2008

Mikey's got a brand new toy

Managed to get an Asus eee PC 4G over the weekend. It is a very nice little bit of kit, allowing you to surf and work anywhere. Will not be blogging much for a while thanks to this little toy.

Read all about it here

Saturday, 15 March 2008

There is hope for England Rugby

While most of the present England XV seem well past their sell-by date, the U20 team has just won the U20 Grand Slam by beating the very good Irish U20 team handsomely. The players all seem very skilled and very keen, as do the coaching staff. Cannot wait until they all get their chance in the senior side.

So England were not so bad as feared and managed a reasonable win against an Irish side not really firing on all cylinders. All the best players were the younger ones!

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Scotland 15 England 9 Calcutta Cup

What excuse do England have this time? What does Ashton say to inspire them? You might as well play an amateur 2nd XV. At least they might play as a team!

Scotland were pretty bad, but they did not need to be good, because England were complete and total CRAP!

Time for a lot of bloodletting at team selection, from the coach downwards. I would rather see players who are maybe not quite so individually talented, but are prepared to play as a team!

Also, it is about time to start fining players who give away needless penalties, or keep kicking possession away to no purpose, their match fee!