Sunday, 11 October 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine

The other day, I was waiting at home for a parcel to be delivered and I was getting bored with reading and surfing so I put the TV on in the middle of the day. Little did I realise what rubbish is on daytime TV; those who complain about or mock it are fully justified.

As we get our TV service via Virgin Media cable, I went to the TV on Demand service. While flipping through the choices, I noticed a whole series of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes. I used to love my parents reading the Rev Audrey's stories about railway engines to me at bedtime, and our kids loved us to read the same stories to them.

I decided to watch one of the episodes and there he was, my favourite tank engine. It was about a childrens' firework party. The script said that the children loved climbing onto Thomas and he loved to stand and watch the children playing! Crikey, I thought to myself. I hope he has been CRB checked!!

See Thomas here :-)