Sunday, 31 August 2008

Visceral hatred

I do not do hatred normally. BUT, Gordon Brown invokes such a visceral hatred in me for how he has ruined this country that I hope that capital punishment for treason is re-instated and he is the first to be tried under the new regime.

The only other politicians who come close to creating such emotion in me are Tony Blair, who was only really the Snot Goblin's mouthpiece anyway and Edward Heath, who lied about joining a Common Market, instead of a fascist socialist superstate.

There have been plenty of other incompetent Labour Prime Ministers (all of them actually) but none of the others have deliberately tried to sell the country out to foreign interests.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Now what are they up to?

My good lady and I went on holiday to Cornwall recently, and, rather than my usual modes of transport, i.e. driving or flying (UP YOURS, GORE), we travelled by coach, so I had more time to pay attention to more than just the traffic. On the motorways I noticed some newish signs consisting of the motorway number, and what seemed to be distance markers, but using METRIC distances.

A bit of Googling told me that these signs are used by the emergency services to locate accidents and breakdowns, and that seems very sensible. The only thing is, I could not find confirmatIon that the distances were in miles.

Is this yet another bit of this despicable government's trying to force on the Great British unwashed yet something else they have expressed no desire for, using stealth?

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The latest greenie bollocks

It turns out that someone has done a PROPER study of the benefits of using windpower to generate electricty. Suprisingly, the results are published on the BBC website, not normally known for its debunking of green myths.

Basically, they are saying that putting a wind turbine on your roof will save you approximately £10-00 a year. As the initial cost of such a turbine is £1500 it takes 150 years for the thing to pay for itself. I don't suppose any of the wind power loonies are going to say anything about that!