Friday, 9 June 2017

Bloody Hell

What has that self indulgent, idiotic woman done to us?

She was all smiles when she sprang the unnecessary general election on us and then went on to perform worse than Michael Foot or Neil Kinnock at the hustings. What a cretin! If even someone as thick and evil as Jeremy Corbyn can outsmart her, she must indeed be dumb, or of very poor judgement in selecting her advisers.

We can only hope she can hang on with the DUP now until the Boundary Commission changes to constituencies are implemented next year, and then she should be replaced by a proper Tory before calling any more elections.

How abysmal for the cause of woman power. We have had one of the best Prime Ministers ever in Maggie Thatcher and now one of the worst in "Maggie" May!  She should be ashamed of herself. Given the complete lack of talent of either and indeterminate gender in the Labour Party she should have been laughing but, no, she blew the whole thing. The sooner she is replaced the better.

My whole life has been blighted by Labour. I was born soon after the Second World War and so my infancy was blighted by the Attlee government with all its incompetent and 19th century ideas. Then my adolescence was blighted by the suspected traitor Wilson when I was at Uni in the Sixties and when I got married and started work. When I reached maturity my life was made miserable by the Blair/Brown Terror and now, in my dotage, the evil Marxists Corbyn and McDonnell threaten to ruin that too. It is truly said that Socialism is a mental illness.