Saturday, 2 February 2008

Here we go again!!!

Once again, the England Rugby XV have managed to give away another game. Leading 19-3 at half time (it should have been 26-3 but for a dodgy video ref decision) they gave Wales every chance by giving away lots of stupid penalties and allowing them to score soft tries. I think the players should be paid by results, i.e. not paid when they give in so shamefully.

There must be something wrong at the RFU, when they cannot work out a way to let the best coach in the country, i.e. Shaun Edwards, coach part-time. Wales seemed to have managed it.

Furthermore, they will not let us sing a National Anthem, so we have to sing the dirge of the UK one instead. Get it together you guys, or give way for people who care!

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Theo said...

It was a poor effort. Clueless in the second half. Not sure I can bring myself to watch next week.