Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Blubber power

I saw this story linked to from Theo Spark's blog Last of the Few.

It appears some cosmetic surgeon is being investigated for using the blubber extracted from his clients during liposuction to make bio-diesel to power his 4x4.

It seems to me that the government (that's a laugh calling that shambles a government) has missed a trick here. If everyone were compulsorily weighed once a month, and everyone whose Body Mass Index exceeded goverment targets was forced to undergo liposuction, then any supposed fossil fuel problem would be over! Think of all the other advantages:

  • Gormless Gordon could get on with the job of saving the world
  • Badger Darling could raises tax on peoples' own blubber (plus VAT at 15%)
  • Jackboot Jacqui could be even more draconian and make life even worse for hard-working families (chavs would be exempt from the process, of course)
  • Health Gauleiter Johnson could make the health fascists feel even more smug

Every one wins, except for the Great British Public, naturally!

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