Monday, 20 April 2009

Boo the Buggers!

From here on in, I think it behoves us all to BOO very loudly whenever a Labour politician tries to make a speech. It has been apparent for some time that anything spouted in public by a Labour politician ia bound to be completely untrue, so the next time one appears near you, hopimg for a photo-opportunity, start booing loudly and making rude gestures, so it does not help the MSM by editing out the sound of booing.

Of course, politicians of other persuasions are not much better, but they should be allowed to speak before being booed! 


Ayrdale said...

Good morning from a fellow anti-socialist 12,000 miles away (but born a Pom, and a Pom at heart.)

Had to pop in to check your meanderings, and interested to see that they are on the same wavelength as my musings.

MikeyP said...

Hi Ayrdale.

While I am vehemently anti-socialist, I am not really impressed with any of the hoons, I am afraid!