Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Absolutely ridiculous

LCpl Isimeli Baleiwai, known as ‘Bale’ to his friends, is facing deportation from the UK after serving 13 years with the British Armed Forces. Bale, who was recruited by the MoD from Fiji, was 18 when he joined up. He served in 5 operational tours including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a British wife and two British children He applied for British Citizenship in March while still a serving soldier, but was refused He appealed against the decision, but received a letter from UKBA on saying he had to leave the country. LCpl Bale was fined in 2011 after appearing on CO’s Orders for fighting with another soldier who instigated the fight. This was a purely military affair and there was no police involvement, no trial and no criminal conviction and therefore no criminal record. However, one or more jobsworths decide that, under changes made to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1973, it is possible to treat such punishments as criminal offences. Please sign the petition below and say what you think about such a small-minded sh-one-t. Stop Bale being deported after 13 years serving British Armed Forces Petition | GoPetition

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