Saturday, 22 November 2008


England were duly thrashed by South Africa at Twickenham today 6-42. South Africa were good, much better than Australia last week BUT, England were even worse than they were last week. They were absolute crap. One or two England players made some effort but most just seemed to be on autopilot!

After the match, Jonno was saying we are working on the problems and all the usual platitudes, but the fact remains that some of the England team are way past their sell-by date and some are just not good enough. Also, good player though he is, Steve Borthwick is no captain. We need another captain of Jonno's ability.

The other problem seems to be discipline. So many stupid penalties given away. It is about time that consistent penalty offenders had their match fee reduced in proportion to the number of penalties given away! Drastic action is needed.

All I can say is "BUGGER, BUGGER, BUGGER"

At least we can see who supports South Africa, where is Erica Roe when you need her?


Ayrdale said...

Mikey, drawn to your site from Last of the Few. Have we met ?
Must have, because I wrote your profile...please see

Ayrdale said...

This kiwi pom will we watching the All Black v England test with great win game. Big debate in NZ right now re the pre game haka, many are getting sick of the ritual.

MikeyP said...


Not me, guv!