Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Just desserts

I have been away with Mrs MikeyP for a while, taking a long holiday in the USA to celebrate my retirement with a livable pension. 

Therefore, we had not heard about the furore concerning Woss and Bwand and their idiotic answerphone "pwank" on Andrew Sachs. All I can say is that they are both total tossers, and vastly overpaid for what little talent they have, or at least display.

I think that they have not yet received their full just desserts, which would be to be expunged from everyone's memory and end up doing a lowly paid job as no-one else would employ them. Unfortunately, given the attention span of the Great British Public, I don't expect that to happen any day now!

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Mrs Smallprint said...

Peace has decended again on Saturday morning, no more bottom obsessed Ross. Long may he stay off the airways.

Mrs S.