Sunday, 1 April 2007

April Fool

There does not seem much point in trying to pull any April Fools stunts this year. Real life seems to have overtaken the pranksters in every way!

For example:

  • Mad Ken Livingstone tries to get even more people travelling on the already overcrowded and under resourced Tube network by letting all children under 11 travel free
  • Once every one has been forced onto the Tube, the Glorious Peoples' Union of Train Drivers or whatever they call themselves start voting about going on strike so no-one can use the Tube, even if they wanted to.
  • Bogeyman Brown ups tax on everything (but especially cars) so it costs people even more to get around
  • On an entirely different track, the Pope announces there really is a Hell. I KNOW, I am living in it. It is called Bliar's Britain, or should that be Bogeyman's Britain!
Doh!!! I give up on this list, there are just too many things to document at one time. Back to the pre-lunch Scotch!

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