Monday, 9 April 2007

The world gone mad

What the hell is happening?

Sailors who failed in their duty getting six figures sums of dosh from the gutter press for doing so.

A government minister approving of the former. (Presumably so the sailors do not blab about how poorly trained and equipped they are, thanks to the Tartan Tax Thief).

One of those sailors being a mother of a young kid. Bad enough to have women on the front line, but a MOTHER!!! I am not, like the islamofacists do, suggesting the subjugation of women, but there are some things that women are not really suited for (and also some that men are not suited for).

A couple of barmy bishops saying what a wonderful guy Ahmadinejad is as he is so charitable as to release the hostages.

The only thing to say to this is for all sensible people to get real and GET MAD!!!!

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