Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Why are England teams all crap at the moment?

The England cricket team have just proved they are crap, we have known for a long time that the England Soccer team are crap, and the England Rugby Union Team are not much better. At least they have got rid of their really crap coach and have started to rebuild under a new one.

Why is this? We have enough talent around to be world beaters in all of these sports. I think the answer is political. I suspect that the present government (if you can apply such a definitive word to such a bunch of incompetents) is doing the one thing it does well, i.e. interfere and spin. I wonder how much political pressure has been applied to ensure the choice of inept coaches in the last five years? Like the rest of England, all of our internatonal sports teams are 100% demoralised!

It is obvious that it would suit the present shower who think they are in charge of the country if the English identity were to disappear. No-one in their right mind who is from England will ever vote for Das NeuArbeiterPartei again, so it suits for England to be removed from the collective memory. Divide and rule, I think it is known as. Before you ask, I would much prefer it if the United Kingdom stayed United, but I cannot see how this can possibly happen now, thanks to Bliar and his cohorts.

Like I have said before, it is the time for all right thinking people to GET MAD and GET BAD!

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