Saturday, 26 May 2007

New science for old

Many years ago and for a very long time, all scientists, including all the famous ones, believed in the Phlogiston theory of Combustion. You can find details of that at, but essentially it supposed that when something burned, it lost a substance called phlogiston. The proof supplied was that wood was lighter after it had been burned.

It was only when people like Lavoisier and Priestley started doing accurate experiments and determined that many substances were heavier after being burned that this was shown to be totally wrong. Without going into details, it was thus that oxygen was discovered and the phlogiston theory was disproved.

What has this got today, you might ask? Well, a so-called scientific theory based on incomplete facts and flawed evidence that many so-called experts subscribe to and that has a huge bearing on how we organise ourselves, does this sound familiar?

Answers on a post card (or a comment) please!

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