Sunday, 6 May 2007

So now we know

So the elections are over again, all bar a few odd seats to be counted.

What did we learn? Basically, I think that normal people do not like, Liebour, Conservative, FibDems, Nationalists or any of the buggers!!

Looks like the Scottish Parliament (what a farce that is) and the Welsh Assembly will take for ever and a day to sort out who does what, then have to have another election real soon now, and the English would like to replace Liebour with Tory. As far as I am concerned, this means that the future governance of England will be slightly less awful than it is now, but since none of them really represent my feelings, what do Ie do. Start yet another new party? I don't think so. I guess UKIP is nearest to my philosophy, and they are not exactly strolling along at the moment!

Since I am not that far to retirement, maybe we should just considering moving to a country where the government system is slightly less awful. I think it would be difficult to find, though.

I think my final message to all politicians is "A plague on all your houses!"

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