Saturday, 24 March 2007

Colonel Bogey strikes again

I have just returned from a welcome city break in Copenhagen with She Who Must Be Obeyed. It was a great short holiday, nice place, nice people.

While we were away, Colonel Bogey struck again. First, let us identify Colonel Bogey. Up until now, he would have been known as the Tartan Tax Thief, but, since seeing a widely advertised video sequence on the Intraweb of a certain (unelected by the English) Chancellor of the Exchequer picking his nose and eating it, I first decided to rename him Colonel Bogey. But then I remembered his psychotic hatred of the military and his sanctimony, so I thought Pastor Bogey might be more appropriate for a son of the manse.

Anyway, it turns out he has cut income tax in his last (we all hope) budget by 2p in the pound, but I will still end up being ripped off by even more by the bastard next year. Why the hell should I finance this total wanker's Mother Teresa fantasies. ( at least she meant it). Enough of this, as well as "Bollocks to Bliar" it is "Bugger Brown"!

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